Here are a few safety measures which if followed, can make kite flying fun

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  • Never fly your kite around power lines

Power lines can be deadly. A jolt of electrical juice flowing through your body to the ground can be a life threatening ordeal. Stay well away from power lines.

  • Always stand on solid ground

Loose gravel and wet grass can be very slippery and hazardous. A fall while holding a kite in the air could cause personal injury. Wear appropriate footwear for the ground conditions. Avoid flying near roads, busy footpaths, railways, canals & rivers.

  • Fewer people on a terrace.

More people on terrace sounds fun, but is risky also. The person flying kites is usually focussing on the kite and not on people, which increases the risk of accidents.

  • Never fly your kite over or near a roadway.

Imagine someone driving their car as a kite zips past nearby and distracts or startles them. It could cause an accident and you could possibly be sued for contributing to the cause. Roads are for vehicles. Parks and beaches are for kites.

  • Make sure that your flying area is clear of obstacles.
    Obviously, you'll want to make sure that there is nothing in front of you that might damage your kite if you crash in to it. Also check the area around you for items or holes in the sand or ground that could cause you to trip or fall.

  • Never fly a kite over or near people or animals.

Flying kites over people or animals can startle them and can give people the impression that kite fliers are irresponsible. Yes, we all know that dogs are great fun to watch chasing your kite but sooner or later the wind is going to drop while you're flying and the dog will get your kite... Fly high in the window until people and animals are clear the area.

  • Never fly your kite near an airport.

In most places around the world, flying near an airport is against the law. Most places in North America prohibit kite flying within 3-5 miles of an airport. If you're not sure if a flying location is acceptable, contact the airport administrators and ask them.

  • Wear eye protection on sunny days.

Long exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause permanent damage to unprotected eyes. Always wear sunglasses or peaked cap to protect eyes in bright light, when flying on sunny days even if you're not directly facing the sun. And don't forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin as well.

  • Use Cotton threads.

Never use anything but cotton string to fly a kite. Do not use Chinese threads and the glass coated thread. Any kind of wire or string with metallic content will transmit electricity. Reduce the density of the kite flying threads.

  • Safety in case of Large Kites.

If you have a large kite with a lot of lift or a strong wind, wear gloves. The string can cut your fingers and cause infections. Cotton gloves are cheap and handy.

  • Avoid flying kites during high bird activity time.

Avoid flying kites during high bird activity time during the cooler hours of the morning (0600 – 0800 hrs) and evening (1700 – 1900 hrs) thereby reducing the ‘birds hit.’

  • Contact Bird Helpline No.
    If you find an injured bird contact the helpline no’s:

              Jivdaya Charitable Trust: 9924418184

              Geetaben Rambhai Charitable trust: 079 22141197

               Agam Foundation: 8866000027

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