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As soon as children are able to grip a pen or a pencil, they start writing in the form of scribbles and marks. When the time comes while some children genuinely love to write, others do not share the same enthusiasm. In fact we have seen cases where the child is adept at giving all the answers orally but doesn‛t like to write them down. Having a good handwriting is important and can be achieved by following these steps

1. Get a grip: The way you hold the pencil makes a big difference to the writing. Many a times a slight change in the grasping improve the handwriting. The ideal way is to hold the pen or pencil next to the base of the thumb using the thumb, the middle finger and the index finger.

2. Follow the line: Always use lined paper for writing. These lines help to create alphabets that are the right proportion. This is very important and makes your writing look neat. Make sure to stretch the capital letters from the bottom line to top and keep the letters as straight as possible. When drawing posters make light lines using a pencil and a ruler so that your writing looks neat.

3. Slow down: If your writing looks bad, then one sure way of improving is slowing down and spending more time to form the letters. When we write in a rush we tend to lose control over when to start of stop a letter. So take it slowly whenever possible and watch your handwriting improve.

4. Play games: Yes, you read it right. Playing games in which more hand and finger coordination is used definitely helps to improve the formation of letters on paper. Games like Jenga which require careful positioning of the wooden blocks can also help you to coordinate the pencil better on paper. Using clothes clips will also help to improve the grip.

5. Practice well: As with everything else, do not underestimate the power of practice. Even for those who have a good writing, daily practice is a must. Use a lined notebook and write lines from a book. Compare your handwriting as you progress with the first page. You will definitely notice the improvement.

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