Why Fancy Stationeries are a No-No in School?

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Why Fancy Stationeries are a No-No in School?

Published Date: Jul 10, 2018



Now a days, the humble pencil box of yesteryears or the pencils and erasers etc. have been majorly transformed. The stationery store shelves are all filled with attractive items that not only catch the attention of the children but the adults too.

However, we don’t encourage our students to bring fancy stationeries to school for various reasons:  

1.    Cause Distraction:


 If a child brings a very colourful pencil box that has multiple compartments and can be opened with a click of a button, it undoubtedly makes him more inclined towards it. It distracts the student from what’s going on in the classroom. Apart from that, it also arouses the interest of the other students present.


2.    Create Disparity:

We want to maintain a level of uniformity among our students. Not all parents believe in the flashy, expensive, automated or funky shaped school stationeries. So, even if one child brings over-the-top stationeries to school, it might lead to unreasonable desires in the minds of our students.

3.    Unnecessary Competition


Leads to unhealthy competition among the students. They end up trying to flaunt their exclusive pen/pencils/ erasers etc., which may give rise to disharmony in the classroom.


We believe in making school life enjoyable and the process of education smooth. Banning fancy stationery in school is a step towards eliminating undue pressure on the children as well as the parents, in the long run. While it’s a proven fact that shopping for school stationeries add to the excitement of starting a new academic year but believe us when we say, your child will soon be bored with that new soft pug- faced pencil case that you recently bought and would want to lay his/her hands on something ‘fancier’ soon. So, let’s stick to the purpose and get the tools that will help the students get their work done comfortably, without leaving scope for any controversy.




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