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Guru Purnima Observed in Udgam School

The festival of Guru Purnima was celebrated with at our school. There were special assemblies dedicated to the teachers, the ‘gurus’ to mark the event replete with speeches and songs.


Speeches and shlokas were read out from the Gita and the puranas which highlighted the importance of the Guru in our lives. One of the most important lines from the speeches is given below:

‘This Guru Purnima, reflect on your life and honour the wisdom that life has offered. It is a day to be grateful. When you see how wisdom has transformed your life, you feel grateful for allthat has come your way. Celebrating this feeling of gratitude is Guru Purnima.’

Principal Mrs.Sujata Tandon made the students aware of the fact that everyday could be Guru Purnima in their lives when they honour what life has taught them. Wisdom is there in each and every one of us, but we must throw light on our life, because when we throw light on our life, wisdom dawns.


The students of Class V were involved in an activity wherein they were encouraged to make ‘Weaver Bird’s nest using waste materials. They were given two topics Dream House and Weaver Bird nest which they made with a lot of enthusiasm. Through this activity they not only learnt to make best from waste but also develop their creative skills.

Doha- Darbaar – Rahim ke Dohe

The students of Standard 8 presented the ‘Doha’s of Rahim’ in an innovative way. They set up a virtual ‘Darbaar’ where all the ‘Darbaaris’ presented ‘Rahim ke Dohe’.
‘Doha’s’ hold an important place in literature as well as our lives. They convey big messages in a nutshell. In an effort to present this importance and learning from the ‘Doha’s’ the students not only presented them the Dohas but also explained their meaning in detail.
The programme was completely managed and presented by the students. Students also played the musical instruments to give a feel of a real ‘Darbaar’. To add a unique element, a student dressed as Rahim presented a brief introduction of Rahim as a self-speech. Other students donned the turban as props which really added to the feel of a Darbaar.
To presentation of Dohas was supported by a powerpoint presentation which was played along. The programme ended with a thank you note where all involved in the planning and preparation were thanked formally.


Children of Class IV celebrated Yellow Day. Yellow is the colour of optimism, glory, sunshine, enlightenment and happiness. Yellow colour promises positive future as well as energy. Yellow Day was celebrated on Thursday  because in Gujarat and many other states, people wear yellow colour clothes on almost all Thursdays. Children sat together and shared their variety of food items such as bananas, mangoes, papaya and also brought dhokla, handwa, khandvi and sweets like jalebi, magas, laddu, bundi, mung dal ka halwa etc.


Students of Class 5 actively participated in skits portraying the importance of ‘SAFETY AND FIRST AID’.  Children had lots of fun enacting small happenings of day to day life where due to carelessness people tend to meet with accidents. Though this activity children were made aware about safety rules they need to follow at various places like roads, swimming pool, home, public places to name few. More over children also understood  the importance of providing first aid in the time of emergency to save lives.


Exams can be quite alarming if the child has to deal with them all of a sudden. This is true for students of Class III, the stage from which they are assessed on the basis of formal exams too.

So an orientation session for parents was held in the auditorium to familiarise them with the exam pattern.

Principal Mrs Sujata Tandon began the session and spoke to the parents at length. Vice Principal Mrs Meetika Sharma took them through the various stages through a presentation to make the picture clear to all concerned. A question answer session followed which was handled by Supervisor Mrs Arathi Kellogg. Overall it was a very informative session and helped to clarify doubts. We hope students will be able to settle in better now that the ‘exam’ part has been dealt with.