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Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam – One Family, One Future: Primary Section (MS) celebrate their grand Annual Function

Udgamites from Primary Section (MS), conducted their Annual Function on the theme of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam – One Family, One Future”  

After rigorous practice, rehearsals, and preparations, parents witnessed a grand function, where students showcased their talent, teamwork, and creativity. 

The students of Grades 2 and 4 were divided into two groups – Vyom and Vasudha where they showcased the creation of the living world. 

Every performance was awe-inspiring and endearing. The annual function began with an insightful speech by the Executive Director, Mr. Manan Choksi.  

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A Day Filled with Joy and Adventure: Grade 2 Students Visit 100 Acres Farm

In an exhilarating outing, Udgamites of Grade 2 embarked on a memorable picnic to the sprawling 100 Acres.  

The day unfolded with a burst of energy as the youngsters played tug of war, chess, snakes, and ladders, carrom, sack race, lemon spoon race, cricket, musical chair, and Zenga. 

The excitement reached new heights as the children explored different rides and slides, with the tractor ride providing a unique and thrilling experience.  

Laughter and cheers filled the air as they watched a captivating magic show, enjoyed a movie, and danced heartily with their friends and teachers, creating lasting memories. 

A quick sneak peak of the fun-filled day. 

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Students of Grade 1 went to ‘Shanti Suman Resort’ for a fun-filled day

A sudden rush of excitement was in the air as soon as they reached their destination.  

After relishing a delicious breakfast, the children rushed to the play area, where they had lots of fun jumping up and down on the trampoline, swinging, riding the slides and playing with each other on the merry-go-round. They also explored their adventurous spirit through camel cart rides, jungle gyms, climbers, and monkey bars. 

Proceeding for the delicious lunch after all the running around and fun adventures, the children had bundles of fun watching the magician perform magic tricks and seeing the Ice Age movie.  

Finally, the children enjoyed dancing to foot-tapping music.  

It was quite evident that adventure, sunshine, and outdoor play help children thrive and bond with their friends and teachers. 

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Skit Performance by Grade 3 (Noon Shift) on Mutual Co-operation


Students from different grades had an insightful event conducted on Habit-4 Think win-win, teaching us the importance of mutual benefit and cooperation.  

Their presentation was an inspiration as they dealt with the profound concept of fostering a mindset that embraces collaboration, empathy, and mutual success, witnessing these budding leaders eloquently articulate the importance of working together.  

In a world where competition sometimes dominates, their skit reminded us that true success can be achieved only when we cooperate, respect each other’s strengths, and honor everyone’s needs and aspirations. The finale performance of the whole class on Habit 4- Think win-win song came to life on stage through their voices and moves, which emphasized the importance of finding solutions that uplift everyone. 

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Students of Middle Section (Noon Shift) Celebrate Sports Day with Vigour

Grand Annual Event- Annual Sports Day, for the middle graders of Noon Shift.  

A day full of fun 

A day full of adventure  

A day full of excitement  

And a day full of commitment towards your abilities to win and to showcase yourself as a team and work towards your team’s goal. 

A day that counts on your physical fitness. 

Here are the glimpses of the day that turned out to be a memorable one. 

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Sports Day Celebrations by Grade 9 (Morning Shift) in full swing

Sports days introduce students to the concept of healthy competition. Competing in a fair and sportsmanlike manner teaches them essential life skills such as resilience, determination, and the ability to handle success and failure. 

Udgamites of Grade 9 had a much-awaited Sports Day celebration today. 

Involving in sports requires discipline and time management, where students learn to balance their academic responsibilities with their sports commitments, fostering a sense of responsibility and organization. 

Here are the glimpses of the Grade 9 Sporty Day. 

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Higher Secondary (Morning Shift) Students Celebrates an Enthralling Sports Day

Annual Sports Day 2023. 

Grand Sports Day celebration at Udgam School for Children for Grade 11 and 12 (MS). 

Senior secondary udgamites displaying their strength with a perfect blend of team work.  

Here are the glimpses of the sporty event 2023. 

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Sports Day Celebration ensues with enthusiasm: Secondary Section (Noon Shift)

Sports days are certainly the most exciting days for the students in school life. 

Annual Sports days are crucial for the holistic development of a child. Udgamites of the Secondary section Noon Shift had their sporty day, the annual event 2024.  

Sports days often foster a sense of school spirit and unity. Students, teachers, and parents come together to support and cheer for their school teams, creating a positive and lively atmosphere. 

Participation in sports teaches students valuable life lessons such as perseverance, dedication, and the importance of setting and achieving goals. It is a combination of competition and compassion together. 

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Visit to IIT Gandhinagar under Amalthea 2023

Students from Udgam School for Children had a great learning experience at the informative Tech-enriched sessions hosted by IIT Gandhinagar under Amalthea 2023, a student-run Annual Technical Summit.  

The school organized a visit for more than 200 students of the Secondary Section.  

The visit started with a Campus Tour guided by the Student POCs giving a glimpse of students’ Life at IITGN. They next moved towards the Tech Expo, which gave the students an insight into the various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Electrical & Green Mobility Vehicles, Robotics, Drone Mechanism, Robo-wars & Applications.  

Useful interactions with Senior Students in the Tech Symposium were held in the Auditorium to address the curious questions of the students, who aspire to choose I.T. as a career. Moreover, the most awaited DRIFT RACING where the mechanism involved in building car models was demonstrated by the experts. 

The most exciting moments were watching ROBO WARs, DRA – Drones, Game Jam & Brain Wiz, where a few of the Udgamites participated and displayed their innovative skills.  

Dhvanil Shah from Grade IX got recognized with a Certificate for his excellence in Drone flight Showcase and was appreciated by the Amalthea Team. 

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