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Hour of Code celebrated @ Udgam School

The most awaited Computer Science Education Week 2019 (Dec 9 to Dec 15) was hosted by Udgam School for Children. The 2019 Hour of Code theme #CSFORGOOD , which was all about empowering students to change the world with the power of computer science! The Hour of Code is endorsed by figures like Malala Yusufzai, Barack Obama, Shakira, NBA star Chris Bosh, musician William, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others. This event is a chance for all of us to see what computer science is about. With a hope it’ll spark interest in students to keep learning, Udgam school has actively participated in this global event this year too.
Students from Primary till Secondary (CLASS 1-10) were engaged in activities like Grinch, Minecraft, Dance Party in their Computer labs under the able guidance of their computer science teachers, which helped them to enhance their creative, logical thinking skills and also focused on Problem Solving skills.

Students of Grade IX and X started off the session with ICT Projects on the theme “TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD” theme which is also taken up as a global theme for the Hour of Code event.
The Grinch: Students of middle section ( classes 6 to 8) attempted at saving Christmas with Coding. This activity had 20 levels of programming blocks. Students had to program drones and a high-tech sleigh with coding magic to capture presents and navigate down the mountain to return Christmas to Whoville.
Students of classes 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed Star Wars activities that involved blocks, drag and drop, logical thinking and coding.
Students of class 1 and 2 enjoyed a session of ‘Puppy Adventure’ and completed 24 levels of coding.

An Activity on ‘Symmetry’ – Class 3

As the children of grade 3 are introduced to the concept of symmetry, an interesting activity was conducted in class to strengthen their perception. An activity with sunglasses. Students were given paper cut outs of sunglasses and were asked to colour them and decorate them following the principles of symmetry. With keen interest, every student took part in the activity and applied their newly learnt knowledge of symmetry.

Sports Day for Class 1 and 3

Once again, the lawn of Udgam School was filled zeal and excitement on Saturday morning ( 7th December), celebrating Sports Day for classes 1 and 3. The event commenced after the oath taking ceremony and balloon releasing. The little students displayed their skills in aerobics, dumbbells and commando drills with utmost confidence. Parents and teachers were highly impressed with the energetic performances and continued to cheer all through. Students took part in different races like ice-cream cone race, hurdle race, hop jump and run, sack race, dragon relay race and more such interesting ones. Sports day for class 1 and 3 concluded with awarding medals to the winners, followed by the national anthem .

Overnight Camping at A.A.R.T.I

Overnight Camping at A.A.R.T.I Our students of class 5 were taken to A.A.R.T.I camp, Gandhinagar for an overnight camp. The entire experience was filled with a range of activities. While the activities like zip line, Burma bridge , tyre swing were really exciting, students also enjoyed team building activities like tug of war, musical chair etc. Camel ride with friends was one of the highlights of their outing. Further, students enjoyed dancing around the camp fire and relishing a post dinner maggi party with their buddies. Before calling it a night, a star gazing session was arranged too. Our excited bunch of students woke up fresh the next morning, experienced a mind soothing session of yoga and exercise follow by a nature walk. After breakfast, it was time to go home with so many fond memories.

Ramayana Quiz

Children are naturally besotted by famous tales of Ramayana. For an enjoyable experience, a quiz on Ramayana was conducted for students of Grade 2 in the computer lab. Before our students took the quiz, they saw the animated Ramayana movie at school , with their friends. With keen interested, students completed the quiz and the special appreciation stickers earned by them made them extra happy. The objective of the activity was to retain the interest of our students in Indian epics and instill in them cultural and moral values in a fun way.

Career Counselling Session at Karnavati University [ Class 10 and 11]

It’s always a good idea to start planning the career path sooner than later. With the myriad options available these days, students may often get baffled about what would be the right course for them. To help our students streamline their ideas and let them weigh their possibilities, a career counselling session was arranged for students of class 10 and 11 on 30th November at Karnavati University. The session was conducted by professor Vikrant Jain, who is a corporate trainer and a faculty at Karnavati University. Professor Jain , not only discussed about the various career opportunities but also motivated students to consider the options available to them for higher studies and take the different entrance exams. He also emphasized on the importance of considering ones interest and talents while choosing a career path. Students also enjoyed a tour of the university campus and they loved the classrooms. The labs for printing and dyeing, animation, weaving, business studies hall and moot court caught their attention too. It was a fruitful trip as they enjoyed the whole experience, including food and commute and returned home contemplating the career choices discussed in the day’s session.

Fun with Geometrical Shapes – Grade 2 Activity

Fun with Geometrical Shapes – Grade 2 Activity Visual memory of various shapes was boosted in our students of grade 2 in a fun way. They were given a combination of different geometrical shapes, with which they created specific scenes of village and fun fair. The objective of the activity was to help students corelate shapes with objects. For example, when they see wheels of a car , they should be able to recall the shape of the image as ‘round’ or ‘circle’. Recognizing shapes and appropriate application of the same is one of the important mathematical skills to develop. The activity was enjoyable and rewarding in itself that helped students to get a better understanding of a world full of different shapes.

Fun with Numbers for Students of Grade 1

Fun with Numbers for Students of Grade 1 As our students are getting a better grasp over numbers, a fun game was arranged for them which was a lot like the game of housie. Our young learners had to follow the clues given by the teacher, identify each number and accordingly, circle them in their coupons. The same winning criteria (as in housie )– first five, upper line, middle line, bottom line and full house was followed . Winners were soon announced and awarded as well. This fun-tastic play with numbers made our students take more interest in maths.

Sports Days of Class 5 and 7

Sports Days of Class 5 and 7 The sprawling lawn of Udgam School for Children was filled with exhilaration and cheer as the annual sports day for students of class 5 and 7 was celebrated on 30th November, Saturday. The event commenced with a welcome note, followed by the torchlight run , oath taking ceremony and releasing white and blue balloons. The various performances such as Lezim dance, aerobics, parachute, yoga, gymnastic, self-defense etc. created a riot of colourful hues and vibrance. The participants took part in the different races like 100 meters, relay race, drag the ball, zigzag race and many more. The constant applauds from parents and teachers reverberated the whole atmosphere. The winners received their certificates and medals from our Principal and Supervisor of primary section.