A Temple in Temple of Learning

A temple was inaugurated on our Thaltej school campus today under the aegis of School Trustee Mr. Gautam Choksi and Mrs. Shefali Choksi. The temple is mainly dedicated to the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati. There are small idols of Lord Ganesh and Mahalaxmi also. There was a small gathering attended by school trustees and partners, directors and principal for the ‘sthapna’ of the idols. The inaugural pooja was offered by Executive Director Mr. Manan Choksi and Joint Director Mrs. Bhoomi Choksi. 
We would like students to go to the temple on their own and pray. However, we do not expect any pressure to come from parents or teachers for doing so. After all one doesn’t need a particular God to pray to or a particular place to pray in. The idea of establishing the temple is to give spirituality a form and designate a sanctum sanctorum for praying where one can peacefully communicate with God.