Bhavna Udernani

As the Managing Director of Adhaan Solution, I am a self-starter who is result-oriented and has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of human resource solutions. I graduated from Udgam in 1994 with outstanding results, and the school played a significant role in my personality development. Moving from an all-girls’ school to a prestigious co-ed helped me in many ways.. with the great faculty helped me to get better results which helped me build my confidence and see world in different way.. I believe everything happens for a reason and Udgam happened to me at the right time.

After starting my career at a human resource company, I established Adhaan Solution Pvt. Ltd. The company now has a turnover of over 360 crores, and my journey has been nothing short of remarkable. As a founder and managing director, I have encountered numerous challenges, from attracting the right talent to managing labour unions and navigating frequent changes in labour laws. Nonetheless, my visionary approach, clear and compelling vision for the company’s future, and unyielding drive have helped me overcome these obstacles.

My achievements have not gone unnoticed, with Femina featuring me as one of their Fabulous 40 and Business World listing me as one of the Most Influential Women. My collaborative and results-driven personality is a unique perspective that enables me to provide custom-fit solutions to each client. I thrive on challenges and rely on my ethical grounding to ensure that all stakeholders receive regulatory-compliant outcomes.