Rathin Bhatt

Udgam School played a pivotal role in my holistic development. The school provided me with comprehensive support in my academic pursuits, contributing to my personal growth. Through a diverse range of subjects, guidance and counselling sessions, and skill development programs, Udgam School facilitated my journey of self-discovery and assisted me in gaining clarity regarding my career path and areas of interest. Moreover, the school created opportunities for networking, allowing me to establish connections with professionals and experts from different fields. These interactions enriched my understanding of various industries and broadened my horizons. 

My remarkable achievements, such as serving as the National General Secretary of Chhatra Sansad and being recognized with the esteemed CVM’s Gaurav Puraskar 2020, exemplify the positive impact of Udgam School. My contributions in training students in social responsibility and my featured creation “World Stands Together” by UNICEF underscore my commitment to making a difference and spreading positivity. 

Furthermore, my leadership in initiatives like the “Plasma Donate Karona” campaign and my involvement in hosting the Yuva Niti Talk Show and organizing Gujarat’s Largest Youth Conclave demonstrate Udgam School’s role in fostering my leadership skills and providing platforms for me to inspire and empower young minds. Through these events, Udgam School aimed to inform, ignite, and initiate the spirit of India in the youth, encouraging overall development. 

Overall, Udgam School’s unwavering support and diverse opportunities have been instrumental in my academic and personal growth. The school’s commitment to my development has enabled me to excel academically, develop my personality, and make significant contributions across various domains.