An Assembly on Technology for Students of Grade 2

Technology has made our lives simpler, smoother and easier but at the same time has affected our interpersonal relationships. To highlight the same, an assembly was conducted by the students of class 2.

Children were shown why Udgam School is the smartest school of Ahmedabad. With the implementation and integration of technology in education, Udgam definitely stands apart! The assembly started with the regular session of morning prayer followed by the pledge, news reading and thought of the day. 

The focal point of this assembly was the use of technology and its ramifications.

The assembly was a collage of colourful and interesting performances. It started with a dance drama where the children performed a skit reflecting how technology has taken over our lives.

The entry of the Avengers (Super Heroes) depicting the 5 senses made the assembly even more exciting for the children.

 For the 1st time in Udgam assembly, Class 2 students mesmerized the audience with a ‘shadow act’ to drive home the intended message. It started with birds chirping and how their sweet songs have been replaced by the unending cacophony emanating from all kinds of technological advances.  Lastly, the kids rocked the stage with their moves to the song ‘Five senses’.

To culminate the assembly, the teachers gave a speech on the same guidelines, explaining how technology can either become the sixth sense or it can block all our senses.



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