The Annual Sports Day was held for the students of Senior School. It was a day of events and awards for the students of Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. Students participated with great enthusiasm in what proved to be a welcome break from academics.
The events held were varied in nature. The meet was declared open and March Past followed. Then the torch was lit to uphold the dignity of sports. The students who were privileged to be the torch bearers were Maana Patel, Swimming Champ, Dhyen Shah, Lawn Tennis National Level player, Vidhi Patel, Athletics Champ and Ayushi Shah, Lawn tennis National Level player. This was followed by a variety of sports events ranging from Races, Hurdles, Sack Race, Shot Putt, Slow Cycle, Gymnastics, Somersaults, Floor Exercises, Tug of War and many more. The highlight of the event was Yoga, which was demonstrated alongwith music and explanation. The winners were awarded medals and certificates.