Art And Craft Exhibition


It was a rhapsody of colours in the Exhibition Room at Udgam School. The students of classes 6 to 8 put up a grand display of their handiwork. Their yearlong effort was definitely worth the visit.

On display were a number of items, each standing out as a mark of art and beauty. There were a number of colourful aprons, pillow covers and cushion covers that were hand stitched and embroidered. The wide variety of fabric painting was very impressive and covered items like handkerchiefs and pillow covers which the students had made using vegetables and fingers. The needlework by Class 8 is worth a mention and the pin cushion holders, folders and stitching kits were painstakingly made and looked gorgeous.

Class 7 students had a grand display of origami covering flowers, fans and sparrows, heralding the arrival of spring and the return of sparrows to the city. There were bookmarks of all shapes and sizes too. Wall and ceiling decorative along with pen holders, put up by Class 6 students, looked good too. The paintings by the children looked very colourful and many had a delightful array of lentils and other small glass pieces to enhance the appearance.