Athleticcs Competition

Students of Std. 7 and 8 participated in Athletics at the School Games (Taluka level) held on 14th Sept. 2011. They have performed excellently winning first, second or third positions in almost all the events.

Udgam School For Children
Atdletics Competition (Under 14) Inter School  (Taluka Level)
Held on 14td September 2011

1. 100 m Race-  
B- Hans Vikramaditya  Matdur  (VIII –B)
  Second place
G – Ritu Jigar Shah (VII- D)
  Second place
2. 200 m Race  
B- Khush Bhupendra Vaid (VIII-C )

First place

G- Ritu Jigar Shah (VII- D)
  First place
3. 400 m Race
B- Avichal Sameer Dani  (VIII- D)
  Second place
4. 600 m Race-
B- Avichal Sameer Dani  (VIII- D)

 tdird place

5. 80 m Hurdle Race
B- Rahil Sujal Shah ( VIII- C)
  Second place
6. 4X100m Relay Race :-
B- First Place –

a. Hans Matdur (VIII- B)

  b. Avichal Dani  (VIII- D)
  c. Khush Vaid     (VII-C )

d. Megh Shah (VII -B)