Udgam students really know how to utilize even the things that we discard without a second thought. They have the ability of turning even the most ordinary wastes into things of value. The skills and creativity of the students were brought to the fore when they were asked to create articles out of waste. In an array of interesting, decorative and amazing articles they displayed their talent at handiwork. They made articles from used bottles, CDs, straws, plastic spoons, wood shavings and a variety of other objects. The items on display ranged from showpieces, wall hangings, lamp shades, sandals, newspaper stand to working models and all these smart items had one thing in common –they were made from materials which otherwise would have been thrown away. 
Who says our students do not know the value of things? They can even make the best out of waste.

Out of the school level 11 models were selected for the Zonal round to be held in the month of January,2014.