Chess Coaching Classes

Udgam School is one of the very few schools in the country which can boast about an International Grand Master in its Alumni. Tejas Bakre is the 12th Grand Master from India and Udgam is proud to be his Alma Mater. Manthan Choksi and Fenil Shah are two other state level champions from the school.

A number of studies in the West have shown that playing chess aids not only the early development of the brain but also benefits young players socially, builds character and contributes to overall classroom performance. At the 40th World Chess Congress in 1969, Dr. Hans Klaus, Dean of the School of Philosophy at Humboldt University in Berlin, commented upon the chess studies completed in Germany: “Chess helps any human being to elaborate exact methods of thinking. It would be particularly useful to start playing chess from the early school days”.

Chess is a compulsory activity for the standards 5th, 6th and 7th. Udgam School doesn’t charge anything extra for this activity and the coaching is done during school hours. Cumulatively 360 students are trained for Chess at our school.