Class 3 – Gujarati Riddle Competition

Combination of brain storming and vocabulary-building turns into an amazing activity. Students of Class 3  had a  spectacular Riddle Competition in Gujarati. In this, the students were divided into four groups i.e. Kairi (mango), Gulab(rose), Mor(peacock) and Sinh(lion). There were total five rounds i.e. Common round, Buzzer round, Call a friend round, Visual round and Rapid fire round. There was a very interesting round for teachers also. Riddles were put up to teachers and they had to rack their brains to answer them . From the starting till the end, students learned a lot and increased their vocabulary bank.

WINNING TEAM- Kairi ( Saumya M Shah(III B), Naitik B Desai(III C), Dhyani J Trivedi(III E))

RUNNERS-UP TEAM -Sinh ( Kahaan T Shah(III A), Paridhi R Dave(III C), Yug P Patel(III B))

Winners and participants were applauded and awarded with certificates.