Clown Therapy by Monica Santos

Like adults, children too need a break from their daily routine. They need to break-free and just have fun, only to emerge refreshed and rejuvenated later. Today, being the last of day of their exam, a special story telling session was organized for the students of class 4. The event commenced with a finger story ‘3 Goats under the Bridge’ by renowned storyteller of Ahmedabad, Yogita Bansal Ahuja. After which entered the Spanish artist and professional standup performer, Monica Santos, for a clown therapy. Children were super thrilled, and the entire auditorium resonated with their laughter and enthusiasm. Ms. Santos, dressed like a clown, was the center of attraction!  The way she playacted the role of an explorer was interesting and immensely enjoyable. She surely rubbed off her energy while marching across the auditorium on to the students as they hardly could contain their excitement. Each one them wanted to shake hands with Monica, the explorer or share the stage with her. Monica impressed the entire audience by adding a few words in Hindi and Gujarati while speaking. Albeit this session was all about free fun but we are sure that the students understood the key aspects of storytelling and theater -such as being stage free, having the right voice modulation, intonation , confidence, energy and excitement. All in all, it was a welcome change and will definitely add on to our students’ school memory. This weekend, our 4th graders will surely hum ‘ek, do, teen -bus! Or act like an elephant or point their fingers to their temple and say ‘concentration’ ‘concentration’. It was a happy session that was indeed a positive reinforcement in the educational process.