Constitution Day, i.e Samvidhan Divas, was observed at Udgam School with feeling of pride and respect towards our Indian Constitution and its framework. As said, Indian Constitution is not just a document, it is a way of life. It is a way towards the progress of the nation, of the society and of the individual as a whole. It is a charter of the liberties & the desires. Constitution is a document on which the pyramid of the Government is structured. Supporting the same thought , our morning assembly commenced with the Indian Pledge “ We the people of India….” imbibing the feeling of Patriotism and Equality. To commemorate our constituent assembly and to remember the great work of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar, architect of the Indian constitution, Students of class X delivered speeches. Students talked about the relevance and significance of 26 November 1949, when the Indian Constitution was adopted . A poem was recited to highlight the important aspects of the Indian constitution. Students also performed a Nukkuad Natak , raising voice against racism and discrimination. A special assembly was conducted by students of Class XI to mark the day. Mr. Arindam Sarkar, guest speaker, spoke about the rights and duties of children stated in the constitution. Students also spoke enthusiastically about their duties and why it is important to abide by the rules.