Public speaking is one of the best ways to encourage your child to speak and develop self confidence. It can be as simple as reciting a poem, singing a song or describing an item or a picture or recounting a short story. Basically, all children have something to say and this gets smothered if not brought to the fore.

Teach poems to small children

Small children can learn poems fast and they can even be taught to sing the poems with suitable actions. Ask them to enact the poem in the classroom or home and give them your full attention. Encourage their attempts and make them feel confident for more.

Encourage them by speaking yourself

Role play is the best way to teach children. So, you can speak first and ask your child to follow. In this way the right diction and style can be taught to them. Also when they hear you speaking with confidence, they feel confident to speak.

Understand their fear to speak

Fear is a very common reason why children hesitate to speak in public. Start with audiences of small groups and then expose your child to bigger crowds. Stage fear is felt by even the most powerful orator and you need to be very patient in helping your child fight it.

Give each child a turn
If you are a teacher, then you should see that each child gets a chance to speak in front of the class. You could opt for group items like a play or an action song which involves four or five kids performing together.

Make it fun
When things become too serious, children lose interest. So, make it fun by demonstrating all the wrong ways of public speaking. This could include speaking too loudly, or too softly, speaking with the back to the audience, etc. So, in a fun manner you are actually teaching them all the right things to do.

Encourage the children but do not force them to speak as this will create phobia. Do not demean their efforts. If they are unwilling to speak, give them space for some time. You can try to make them speak after a few days. Have a positive approach and praise their efforts.