Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators: A Founder’s Story of the Robotronics Club

I feel immensely thrilled to be connected as an alumni of Udgam School For Children,class of 1994. 

I have spent a decade and half at Udgam and from their today I head The Robotronics Club at Ahmedabad and mentor students for STEAM and Robotics.At the robotronics club we provide students a creative and hands on learning experience with different programs of robotics.We also train students for the World Robot Olympiads. 

Our teams from the club have won gold and silver laurels for India at WRO Qatar.Our teams have qualified at national robotics competition and have travelled to countries – Costa Rica, Denmark,Qatar, Philippines, Hungary,United States. 

We offer project based robotics themes and short courses based on problem solving with real life challenges.Students can apply critical thinking and come up with their solutions.We also offer courses for 3D printing and machine learning. 

Our students engage their learning with 4c’s creativity,coding,communication and collaboration.

Sharing my work profile here with the larger community of Udgam School is a privilege and very heart touching.I am very proud and contended I went to Udgam right from Nursery to Grade 12.The shadow of strong teaching from best teachers of Udgam and also getting value education is the usp of the school.I have been able to make life long friends from Udgam and I feel this is a blessing in my life.Udgam school’s fundamentals are strong to nurture a child’s life. 

I also head a ngo Udayan Shalini for girls e 

I have few students coming to my centre from Udgam and I always share with them that I am too an Udgamite. 

I feel the school builds a strong foundation structure for academics and holistic development.. Wishing each and every one a great future . 

 Warm Regards 

Monal Contractor -Shah 

Founder The Robotronics Club 


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