Gandhi Nirvan Diwas observed at Udgam School

30th January is a sad day for our country when one of her true sons, Gandhiji, the father of our nation, was assassinated. This day is also known as Martyr’s Day when we remember all those great souls who gave up their lives for the freedom of the nation.  Children need to be aware that our freedom was not easy and our country lost many brave warriors for the cause. We should not take our freedom for granted and ensure that it goes hand in hand with responsibilities. We should honour and respect our country and strive our best to uphold her dignity. In an attempt to foster respect for the great soul and all others who lost their lives during the freedom struggle, Udgam School observed Martyr’s Day. After the customary 2 minutes of mourning at 11:00 am the students sang the favourite bhajans of Gandhiji. Strains of Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram and Vaishnav jan toh tain kahije rendered the air after the solemn silence. Following this the entire school from Classes 1 to 11 participated in a Drawing Event. The theme was ‘sanitation and cleanliness’ which the school is also actively involved in maintaining. The students were scattered around the building campus and drew inspiration from nature which was evident in their drawings.