Every generation complains of the existence of what is known as the generation gap. What is this generation gap? It is a common debate amongst most of the parents and their children in the family. Generation gap refers to the poor or rather lack of communication between parents and their children. As a result children often feel left out, ignored or not cared for, as they believe that their parents whom they place their trust upon, do not wish to make an attempt to understand them at all.

For every small child, their parents are their superheroes, whom they believe can do anything in the world. Their parents are capable of solving all their problems, punch every bad guy who comes as a villain in their lives. To be precise, parents mean the world to the kids, but when children approach parents with a different set of ideas or a different kind of behavior, parents often lose their temper as they do not wish to accept this new idea, for reasons of their own and instead of listening patiently and then trying to explain to the kids their violent reaction invokes temper tantrum in the kids and thus begins the war of difference in generations.

Children usually confide in their parents with the belief and the confidence that they will not be rebuked or punished for what they have done. This kind of emotional security is very important at times for every child in this world. However, teenagers who exhibit a very aggressive behavior face from the problem of attention seeking behavior and this is a way they portray their concern before their parents. Such kids are often unable to express and communicate their feelings, which often results in verbal fights with parents.

Adulthood pains and adjustments made to the world outside the safe cocoon of their family’s guidance, often is the fundamental cause of emotional vulnerability undergoing amongst the children. Children often try to mask their actual feelings and exhibit a strong outlook of their character.

Thus, it is the parent’s responsibility of creating and opening up the communication channel with their kid through constant communication and not pestering. Until and unless parents make an attempt to create the right environment for their children at home and help their child to express themselves, children will remain in a confused world of their own. Parents have to extend their hand of support and make the child feel safe and secured so that child feels comfortable to reach out to hold their parents hand.