The morning of 7th January found the stage at Gujarat University Convention Hall set for the Annual Day celebrations of Primary School. The program encompassed the Indian culture at its full grandeur and brought to forth feelings of patriotism amidst dances, drama and music. The program began with lighting of the lamp and a prayer song. Shiv Tandav at the beginning was extremely apt and moved on to introduce the audience to Dasha Avatar. As the ten avatars of Vishnu enfolded, the audience were left awestruck with wonder at the impeccable performance of the little ones. Next came the colourful folk dances of states of Goa, Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra. India is a land of diversity and this was portrayed adeptly in a mime by the children. Peacock dance and Save the Tiger dance did justice to our national animal and bird while raising consciousness about saving animals. Women empowerment is the need of the day and today women are moving shoulder to shoulder with men and this was enacted through a beautiful dance. Finally the program ended with the national song, Vande Mataram. Our heartfelt thanks to the parents and dignitaries for being such a wonderful audience; to the teachers who have coordinated the program painstakingly over the last couple of months and especially the children who worked relentlessly with full enthusiasm and enthralled the audience with their mesmerising performance.