International Kite Festival

Like every year the famous International Kite Festival was held at Sabarmati River Front. 
Our enthusiastic children participated in gamut of activities and proved their excellence in competitions. 
First event was the “Treasure Hunt”. It seemed as if an actual treasure hunt was going on with children literally scavenging for the clues which were scattered in an evidently random but actually quite organized manner. The level of difficulty added to the thrill leaving the children exhausted but happy. Securing First position was an added bonus!
The second event was “Quiz”. The questions asked were answered smartly by our team and they secured Second position. After the event the children were taken kite flying where they interacted with the kite flyers of different countries. They also tried out their hands at flying some world class kites.
Third event was Painting Competition on theme of “Kite Festival” where children unveiled their Painting talent. 
In Origami workshop children learned new tricks of paper folding and enjoyed it too. 
During the last event children learned the art of making Kites on their own. 
As children were taken to Sabarmati Riverfront for each event, they could see the Kites made by International flyers.