Life Skills Workshop for Middle Section Teachers

“Values aren’t buses… They’re not supposed to get you anywhere. They’re supposed to define who you are.”

Keeping in mind the importance of value enhancement at an early stage in life, Udgam School for Children runs ‘Life Skills and Value Enhancement’ program through regular classes. Our teachers go through regular training workshops to conduct meaningful classes for students. Recently, two of our teachers took training of one such unique program called – ‘The Awakened Citizen Program’, developed by Ramkrishna Mission. Further, the same teachers of Middle section – Ms. Preeti Naik and M. Hinakumari Dholakia, conducted an in-house workshop for all the Middle Section teachers.

Ms. Naik and Ms. Dholakia briefed the teachers about the program details and how the program works, through a practical and an interactive hour-long session. We strongly believe that as teachers, we are the facilitators for making our children realise their inner potential and bring out their latent capabilities and guide them in their journey from ‘I can’t to I can’.

It was an enlightening and interesting session for all the participants. Teachers will be further conducting the same program with the students in class during the year.