The birth anniversary of the great Indian Mathematician is celebrated every year as National Mathematics Day. In Udgam School December 16-22 was celebrated as Maths Week. Each and every section of the school was involved in activities to commemorate the subject that encompasses almost every sphere of life.
Primary School children were actively involved in activities. The younger ones solved puzzles and made shapes. The older children created three dimensional figures and tried out different activities in the Maths Lab.
Middle School students were involved in activities like ‘Find the perimeter’ of things in the classroom, presentations on great Mathematicians and chart making. The Maths Exhibition put up by the children of Class VII was excellent and appreciated by all. Even parents were all praise for the exhibition that was open to public.
Secondary School students also participated in many activities. Class 9 had a Origami activity in which they made colourful shapes using paper. Class 10 had a Quiz on Maths based on Algebra, Geometry, General mathematics and much more. The PowerPoint presentation for the quiz was put up on the smart board and students were asked to answer the questions after doing some basic calculations in their Trans book within the prescribed time limit. A coordinate geometry activity was conducted for Class X. 
They were asked to stand in form of X-axis and Y axis so that four quadrants can be formed. Few students were asked to stand in the various quadrants. They were asked to tell the coordinates where they are standing. The main objective was to have clear understanding about the plotting in the coordinate plane. Other group of students were asked to form various patterns like square, equilateral triangle with X-axis and Y-axis, rhombus and many more. Some students were asked to find the vertices of the various figures, made to calculate the areas and length of diagonals etc. The students practically got to know application of distance formula. 
Senior Secondary students also had several activities to commemorate the week. They were shown a documentary on Srinivasa Ramanujan. A Maths Quiz was conducted for them which was very challenging. A few students even penned poems on mathematical topics and recited in class. Not an easy feat at all to write poems on Maths.