Mythology Quiz for Students of Class IX and X

A quiz contest was organized for students of class 9 and 10 on mythology. The 5 teams were Matsya ,Kurma,Varah, Narasimha and Vaman ( based on Dashavatar), each of which participated with full enthusiasm. There were different rounds like rapid fire, identifying respective vaahans of Gods, recognizing scenes and shlokas and more. Audience also got the chance to answer questions and won chocolates in return. The winning team was Vaaman and the runner up title was bagged by team Kurma. Our Principal, Ms. Sujata Tandon, awarded the certificates to the winning teams and encouraged the students to keep reading and enhancing their knowledge of mythology. Participants of Vaaman team: 1. PRANSHAV MIHIR LAKHIA X-D 2. DARSH RITESH PATEL IX – H 3. DARSHIT RAJESH MAHESHWARI X – F Participants of Kurma team were: 1. SHREEJA RASESHBHAI POTHIWALA X – A 2. HETVI PRATIK MEHTA X – G 3. MOKSHA KALPESH MAHESHWARI X – F