Community Helpers are people in professions that directly impact the lives of others. They deliver a service that makes our lives easier. It is important for all of us to know the ways in which Community Helpers work. We can also help them do their jobs better if we understand the role they play. In many ways community helpers remind us of how inter-connected our lives are.
Many community helpers have easily identifiable work attire or clothes. This makes it easy to know their role in the community and is helpful if you need to approach them for help. A policeman or fire fighter’s uniform and a doctor’s coat thus become important clues of what they can do. Some community helpers also have identifiable means of transport e.g. the police car, the fire truck the mail van, the ambulance etc.
Children of Class 1 had an activity in which they dressed up as Community Helpers belonging to different professions. They enacted their roles with realistic props alongwith appropriate words. 
This activity will help to instill in them respect for all professions and learn to value them better.