Overnight Camping at A.A.R.T.I

Overnight Camping at A.A.R.T.I Our students of class 5 were taken to A.A.R.T.I camp, Gandhinagar for an overnight camp. The entire experience was filled with a range of activities. While the activities like zip line, Burma bridge , tyre swing were really exciting, students also enjoyed team building activities like tug of war, musical chair etc. Camel ride with friends was one of the highlights of their outing. Further, students enjoyed dancing around the camp fire and relishing a post dinner maggi party with their buddies. Before calling it a night, a star gazing session was arranged too. Our excited bunch of students woke up fresh the next morning, experienced a mind soothing session of yoga and exercise follow by a nature walk. After breakfast, it was time to go home with so many fond memories.