Peom by Anand Gandhi

The beautiful poem has been written by  Anand Gandhi  of Std. VI


                                          OH, FOR A FRIEND!

I wish I had a friend

That helped me,

In every way

I could play and be glad.

We should dance or play

We should sing

And be happy forever.

But I feel sad

Because he is not with me

But he will come back in some time

And then we would be happy

And study, play, dance and sing

Together like pups

Play, like we used to do

When we were small.

Now we have grown up

We are told,

Work while you work

And play while you play.





                                                                                          ANAND SHRIRAM GANDHI

                                                                                          Std. VI – C

                                                                                           UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN