Students of class 11 got an idea of events held in IIT.  The students of IIT, Gandhinagar, organized the preliminary rounds 3 of their events for the upcoming BLITHCHRON to be held in their institute on 23rd and 24th of Jan. 2010.

The events were : ‘Ad-making’ in which they had to design an advertisement for an imaginary product.

The winners for this are :

Group 1

Anuja Patel, Aayushi Shah, Himani Patel, Manushi Shah


Aalay Parikh,Shail Shah,Varnit Shah,Vishwesh Majithia

Group 3

Priyanka Patel, Nisha Ojha,Aashka Munshi, Labdhi Shah

‘Jobless’ in which they had to conduct mock interviews.

The Winners for this are : Jagravi Shah, Divya Garg

‘The Butler Did It’ in which the students had to  become detectives and solve a mystery.

The winners for this are : Darshini Parikh, Varnit Shah, Rajdeep Thakar, Ishaan Shah

The students not only performed well in all the events but also enjoyed a lot.