Roadmap to Empathy 2018-19

Roadmap to Empathy 2018-19 Empathy is the cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence. Practicing it the right way results into phenomenal positive transformations in life. The Counselling section of the Udgam School for Children, Thaltej organized an interactive workshop for teachers on effectiveness of empathy. The aim of the workshop was to sensitize the teachers towards practicing empathy and the positive effects of it on personal and professional life. It highlighted the following points: · Significance of empathy for teachers to help maintain happy, satisfying relationships personally and professionally · Importance of an empathic teacher on student’s heart and mind · Tips and techniques to help teachers develop empathy for students · Tips and techniques on how to train students to develop empathy · Success stories/examples of empathizing showing fruition in the learning environment. The workshop dedicatedly aimed to help teachers develop the skill for empathizing and helping them realize the magic of the quality that empathy is. Not enough can be stressed about the importance of empathy, Vidhi Ma’am, Counsellor of Primary section, ended the session saying, “Empathy paves the way to the Road for Future Success” and believing it precisely, practicing empathy in the workplace or anywhere results in happy, successful relationships.