Sandwich Making Activity in Grade 2

As the academic year comes to a close, our grade II students enjoyed a sandwich making activity at school.  Throughout the year, many enjoyable activities were planned for them such as bookmark making, poster making, spelling antakshari, awareness rally , carnival etc. The sandwich making activity was equally fun for our students, which added to their memories of class 2 experiences. Students brought various items from home required to make a sandwich. Some made aloo matar sandwich, some made cheese jam sandwich and others made with vegetable mayonnaise.

All the students worked their way through to making  yummy  sandwiches which they relished with their friends. They enjoyed working with their teachers too, especially when they served the sandwiches to the students with so much of love and affection. While being fun-filled, this activity encouraged the students to eat homemade food and also taught them the etiquette of presenting food properly and serving the same.

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