The birth anniversary of Sardar Patel, the chief architect of modern India, was celebrated across various sections of Udgam School. 
In Primary Section a special assembly was held to mark the birth anniversary of the Iron Man of India. The children discussed about the values and ideologies and speeches were made about his life and contributions. A pledge was taken to follow the ideals laid down by Sardar Patel.
In Middle Section, a special assembly was conducted by the students of Class VIII to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. They performed a skit on ‘Respect’. A pledge was taken on Rashtriya Ekta Diwas. Students were told about the various incidents in the life of the great soul of India. 
The students of Class IX organised a special assembly showing respect and deference towards the eminent leader.
The occasion provided all a great opportunity to reaffirm the inherent strength of our great nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity and integrity of our country.
To celebrate ‘Rashtiya Ekta Diwas’ students enthusiastically enacted a play on ‘Truth and Justice’, where the inspiring role of Sardar patel as an honest barrister was showcased. It portrayed the real image of ‘The Iron Man of India’ who always favoured Truth and Justice and believed in accomplishing our prime duties and responsibilities as a true citizen of India.
Students spoke few words in respect to the intellectual leader, followed by a motivational speech by the teacher defining and elaborating the true qualities of the great personality.
The assembly concluded with a Pledge, reiterating the noble thoughts of the Bismarck of India.