School Values and Etiquettes

No matter who you are or what you do, your manners will have a direct impact on your professional and social success’.

To implement school etiquettes and values, a special assembly was conducted at Udgam School for Children for class X. In our Life skills and Value education sessions we always impart moral and value base education to our students. We aim for the holistic development of our children.

 The assembly was conducted in a unique manner, highlighting the need to inculcate right behaviour at school and inside the classrooms. Students exhibited their learnings in form of a live demonstration for a better understanding. We touched areas specifying the right conduct of students in assembly area, at staffroom, inside the classrooms and while passing through corridors.  ‘Bullying’ in class was another sensitive topic that was explored.

Adding emphasis on the value of ‘Planning’ and ‘Prioritising’, 40-mins Chart making activity based on time management was conducted in groups in their Life skills class where they were conditioned to complete the activity within a stipulated time period, and were ranked on the basis of timely submission and team work.

It is important to remember that ethics and time management are significant skills which once mastered will make us more organised, efficient and happier.