Sports Days of Class 5 and 7

Sports Days of Class 5 and 7 The sprawling lawn of Udgam School for Children was filled with exhilaration and cheer as the annual sports day for students of class 5 and 7 was celebrated on 30th November, Saturday. The event commenced with a welcome note, followed by the torchlight run , oath taking ceremony and releasing white and blue balloons. The various performances such as Lezim dance, aerobics, parachute, yoga, gymnastic, self-defense etc. created a riot of colourful hues and vibrance. The participants took part in the different races like 100 meters, relay race, drag the ball, zigzag race and many more. The constant applauds from parents and teachers reverberated the whole atmosphere. The winners received their certificates and medals from our Principal and Supervisor of primary section.