Step towards Greener Earth

Conservation of Environment has always been Udgam’s prime motto. The school has left no stone unturned to initiate efforts that lead to a better environment. We at Udgam have introduced projects such as Rainwater harvesting, using Eco-friendly construction material, Waste management, paperless data storing and communication and many more to name. Our responsibility towards environment is not restricted to school and extends towards society at large.

As a part of this environment and social responsibility, Udgam has joined hands with, set up by Pradip Shah, founder of CRISIL. Started in June 2010, the organization has been successful in attracting 50 companies and few thousand individuals to plant trees to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or honour the employees. Udgam too plants trees to celebrate birthday of its teaching and non-teaching staff and students. They receive certificates mentioning the place where the tree is planted in the name of individual.