6th July, 2015 can be described in two simple words – energy and enthusiasm. Dance legend Mrs.Mallika Sarabhai was in our school today to pick out the best dancers from senior classes to perform in a dance which will part of a film!
Darpana Academy’s famous play Kadak Badshahi by Mrs. Mallika Sarabhai is going to be made into a feature film soon. For this purpose the group is selecting students from local schools to be a part of song and dance sequences in the film. Students from classes 9 to 12 were taught dance movements choreographed by Mr. Revanta Sarabhai which they thoroughly enjoyed. Among the enthusiastic dancers some were selected by none other than Mrs. Sarabhai for the final registration. The students danced with full vigour and although a handful made it to the registration desk, the excitement in the air was palpable with no traces of disappointment. To interact with Mrs. Sarabhai and dance to the steps of the famous song ‘Aapno Amdavad’ made the day for the students, regardless of whether they made it to the final list. And those who did…well, we are looking forward to watch them pirouette on the silver screen! Now with so many avenues for career opening up this could be a promising foray into the world of showbiz.