Udgam Model Parliament 2.0

Udgam Model Parliament 2.0 This year on Hindi Diwas, Home minister, Shri Amit Shah sought in a speech ‘a common language that becomes the mark of India’s identity globally’ and debated on the assigning status of “The National language” to an official language, Hindi, as recognized in Part XVII of Indian constitution, which has been source of constant conflict. The debate found its way to the Udgam Model Parliament 2.0, held on 23rd October,2019 ,as the agenda of Lok Sabha – ‘Hindi and the Concept of National Language’. Students of Class 8 to 11 were involved in the Udgam Model parliament event. Students of 12 were the members of the secretariat and heads of committee. Mr. Amol Sharma , from the Institute of Law, Nirma University was invited for the event and was the speaker of Lok sabha for Udgam Model Parliament 2.0.The opening ceremony was addressed by the Organizing committee and the Speaker of Lok Sabha who warmly boosted the confidence of delegates and gave them an idea of Rules of Procedure of the Lok Sabha and his expectations from them. The aim and objective of this model parliament was to sensitize our students to the socio-political scenario and give them an experience of the parliamentary protocol. #UdgamModelParliament #Modelparliament #MUN #Udgamites #Udgamschool