“To give is to receive’.
With this benevolent spirit of Christmas the students organised a Charity Fair on the school premises that enthralled all. In the canteen area the students of Class XI arranged a Food Fair with mouth watering delicacies on display. The enthusiasm with which they advertised the products and the superb service with a smile won hearts and emptied pockets of many. There were stalls selling cupcakes, mousse, brownies, pastries, basket chaats, pop corn and nachos. Each stall canvassed their products with signboards, a few human boards too, and jingles. Within no time the sumptuous spread was all gone…
A different kind of fair was going on in another area. The students of Classes VI to XI had on display different kinds of handiwork which they had made in their Art and Craft classes. The variety was amazing. This included quill products like bags, earrings, fridge magnets, car hangings, key chains, along with mats and placemats, cushions, wall hangings, flower pots, paintings, book marks, envelopes, soft toys, paper weights, gift tags, greeting cards, flower vase, stocking flowers, coconut shell painting, candle stands, bottle holders and many more. Even these handmade items sold out fast.
The money raised will be used for charity work. To make something painstakingly, advertise it so that others buy and then to give up the earned money to the needy is commendable indeed. 
We are proud of our students and our unique Udgam culture!