To commemorate this day, Udgam School has launched an anti-diabetes campaign to ‘catch them young’. The idea is to stop diabetes in its tracks and prevent the disorder from happening altogether. In a recent study it was revealed that 35% of Gujarat suffers from diabetes, and juvenile diabetes cases are on the rise with poor life styles and unhealthy food habits being the order of the day.

The entire school of Thaltej Campus from classes I to XII assembled to formally wage a war against diabetes and spread the awareness to others. They waved placards to affirm the pledge which they made to fight diabetes. Students of higher classes staged a ‘Nukkad Natak’ with the underlying message that one needs to follow a healthy life style to stay away from diabetes and related diseases.

Flyers about ‘Good Food’ and ‘Bad Food’ were distributed to all students so that they can get a good idea about what to eat and what not to eat. Apart from this higher classes were shown a video on the ill effects of Diabetes and how to prevent this disorder.

The Udgam School App has a feature wherein parents can check their child’s BMI and also get a comparative analysis of the same. The unisex uniform for all students ensures more activities for girls and helps to reduce unhealthy weight gain. The daily time table has a good dose of physical activities too.