Commerce students have an elaborate syllabus which includes details of working of various factories as well as the import and export process. To give the students of Commerce practical knowledge about the working of factories, the students of Class XI studying in Commerce stream were taken to an aluminium factory located at Kathwada. The students were introduced to the actual working of a factory and the many prcesses that go into creating the final product while ascertaining quality. They witnessed the recycling procedure of scrap aluminium into sheets that are cut and moulded to make aluminium vessels. The factory at Kathwada imports the scrap metal from Dubai and the final product, aluminium vessels, is exported top countries like Saudi Arabia, Kenya, South Africa and Dubai. The vessels are sold in Indian markets as well. Aluminium vessels are in high demand because they do not rust easily nor do they break. The metal is quite neutral and doesn’t react with the contents that are kept inside. The students were able to comprehend the factory process and also the import-export systems.