Vivek Kankaria

My name is Vivek Kankaria from the 2016 batch of Udgam Satellite. I have completed my Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Statistical Economics and Bachelors of Science (BS) in Computer Science along with minors in Business, Entrepreneurship and Psychology from Indiana University- Bloomington, Indiana, USA. In college I have worked as a teacher’s assistant for accounting and statistical economics for a span of two years. I have moved back to Ahmedabad after completing my bachelors and am currently working on a few startups; the first one majorly being into education-technology, Prepseed. We give our portal to educational institutes ranging from coachings, schools and colleges. Our aim at prepseed is to make education horizontal- help bridge the gap in how students from different walks of life are educated. We strive to achieve that via the use of technology Our major clients being Allen, Resonance, Shanti Asiatic School, etc. to whom we provide Learning Management System (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) which is backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI helps to recommend courses and also makes papers for specific topics and subtopics to better help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. We recently closed our seed funding round at 10 crore valuation to a private company in Ahmedabad. My other companies, Outlead Solutions and Veebeee, deal into business development and public relations respectively. We provide services such as lead generation, social media marketing, website development, newspaper coverages, online and offline media coverages, influencer marketing, cross collaborations and celebrity collaboration. Our major clients are Bajaj, Hitech Constructions, Orjet and many more B2B and B2C brands. Over the last couple of years starting from one small cabin and one employee to growing to three offices and 30 employees would not have been possible without the support of, of course my family, but also the learnings that I’ve gathered over the years from various educational institutions such as Udgam. Economics and entrepreneurship used to be my favorite subjects in Udgam schools and I am very happy that the school was able to teach me a lot of things before embarking on my journey abroad or my work life. Happy to be an alumni of the school and happier to see it expand in various locations and have a stronger alumni network than ever