Welcome Assembly – Class-X

Welcome Assembly – Class-X As students marched forward from class IX to class X, a welcome assembly was conducted on 20th April 2018. The purpose of the assembly was to welcome the students, brief them about the academic session, and stress upon the importance of discipline and education. Students were given information about the General Code of Conduct to be followed, Assessment Structure and the Assessment Scheme as per the CBSE guidelines and the schedule of the periodic tests and the pre-boards for their proper preparation. The Assembly also focused on the importance of Discipline in one’s life and students were given tips on time management. Students were encouraged to follow a proper time table and avoid procrastination. The issue of bullying was taken up and students were encouraged to speak up against the wrong and help the bullies to understand the importance of respecting others. As the year holds an important sphere of student’s life, our Principal, Sujata ma’am addressed the students guiding them to remain focused and stay healthy mentally and physically. The assembly was concluded by giving away the certificates to the students who had obtained 100% attendance in the previous academic session 2017-18.