'Health is wealth' – this slogan was prominent in the activities observed today by the students of Classes 3 to 5. 
Class 3 watched a very informative video which made them aware of the importance of good health. They learnt about the need to exercise daily and follow an exercise regime. They also came to know of the many benefits of yoga and meditation in daily life and practised chanting ‘Om'. Standard practices of hygiene were discussed such as the proper way to wash hands, brushing teeth twice a day, bathing, exercising and eating healthy food.

Class 4 observed the day by bringing healthy foods like salads, vegetables, fruits, etc. They also made posters related to healthy food and took part in speech and debate. Activities were conducted to stress upon the importance of hygiene and health.

Class 5 celebrated the day with great vigour. They actively participated in a wide array of activities like poster making, slogan writing, advertising, poem writing and so on covering various aspects related to good health. They were made aware that for having a healthy body they need to exercise regularly, maintain personal hygiene, get vaccinated and go for regular medical check ups as only a healthy body can nurture a healthy mind.