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Holi - Play it Safe

Spring is here and there are vibrant colours of the season all around us. One can feel and smell the flavours of holi. Children are already out with their pichkaris and balloons and youths are planning the various ways that they are going to celebrate the festival. Parents are also excited about the dawning of the colourful festival but at the same time the anxiety is palpable. This is due to the accidents that have become so common during this festival. The emergency healthcare services are full of kids who have suffered injuries or have reacted in an adverse manner to the chemicals present in the colours. A little care can make this festival more fun-filled and help to erase the worry lines.


Before playing with colours:

  • Make your child wear old clothes and choose the ones that cover the body well.
  • Apply oil generously to the hair as this will prevent the colours from pervading the scalp. Cover the head if possible.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the skin as this prevents damage from harsh chemicals and also the colour comes off easily later on.
  • If your child has corrective lenses then ask your child not to wear contact lenses and use glasses instead. If colour enters the lens it can cause damage to the eyes plus glasses give additional protection.
  • Discourage your child from wearing any kind of jewellery or fancy items.
  • Buy only skin-friendly natural colours from reputed vendors. Herbal colours can even be prepared at home. Find out more on natural colour preparation from the internet.
  • Ensure that there is enough water to wash off the colours later on. But do avoid wasting water.
  • Talk to your child about the dangers and how to stay safe while having a good time.


While playing with colours

  • Ask your child to apply colours gently and not be rough in their behaviour.
  • Colours should not be vigorously rubbed on the skin as this can lead to skin abrasions.
  • Eyes and mouth should be tightly shut to avoid colours from entering them. If colours enter the eyes, ask your child to wash with water immediately. If the colours go in to the mouth, then your child should spit out and gargle with water to remove the colours.
  • Ask your child to be careful while walking or running on wet floor in order to avoid slipping and getting hurt.
  • Ask your child not to play with gutter water, rotten eggs, mud or grease.
  • When people do not want to play, then ask your children to respect their wishes and not to force them.
  • Discourage them from playing with strangers.
  • Ensure that your child doesn’t waste water to avoid water scarcity.


After playing with colours

  • The child should have a hot water bath as soon as the colour play is over.
  • First a liberal amount of oil can be rubbed on the face and body.
  • Then ask your child to use plenty of soap and shampoo to remove the colours.
  • Repeated washing will make the stubborn marks fade away.
  • After drying, a liberal coat of medicated cream or calamine lotion should be applied to soothe the skin.

If something goes wrong

  • In case of a fall, apply ice packs and wait for the pain to subside. If you suspect a fracture then rush to emergency.
  • If the fall is from a height and the child cannot get up, then don’t try and move him or her as this can aggravate the injury. Get emergency medical help.
  • If you suspect a head injury after a fall, then rush to the nearest emergency centre.
  • Some amount of redness and itching is common but if this is accompanied by swelling of the face and difficulty in breathing, then seek medical help as this could be an allergic reaction that needs emergency help.
  • If your child is asthmatic then it is better to refrain from using dry powders and resort to water colours only. Keep his or her inhaler handy but rush to emergency if relief is not immediate.

Have a fun-filled and safe Holi!

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