BEING SAFE- An activity for Class 2

School Tour For Safety Measures

‘Excellence in all the fields’ has always been the motto of Udgam School. Toeing  the above line, teachers took the students of Class II on a school tour showing how well equipped their school is.

Along with the best Academics, Udgam also provides the best safety for their students. The security guards at the gates ensure that no stranger enters the school premises. The full day homeopathy clinic provides check-up, medicines and first aid immediately to the students when required. The new grills installed outside the windows ensure more safety and precautions. And the fully equipped fire safety accessories are installed in the school on every floor which make the school prepared for any kind of emergencies. Also, not to forget the efficient CCTV network which keeps the Principal and Vice Principals aware of the minute to minute happenings in and outside the school premises.

The students were amazed with the safety and security arrangements that their school provides.

It was indeed an eye-opening session for the students of Class 2!!!