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Sanvi’s Achievement


Skating Champ

Sanvi Patel of class I F participated in All Gujarat Roller Skating Championship 2013 organized by Baroda District Roller Skating Association in the month of February,2013. She represented Ahmedabad district for the age group of 4-6 years and secured following positions in the events:




Rink Race I



Rink Race II



Road Race



Along with above medals, she was also conferred with a certificate. Congratulations!

Do You Have The Mindset For Success?

If you think you will fail, then you definitely will! Success requires a mindset to succeed. Knowledge and skills are not enough if your mind is not geared towards success. Self-regulation and direction of the mind to welcome success are absolutely necessary.

What are fixed and growth mindsets?

A person with a fixed mindset sees mistakes as failures and is of the belief that their knowledge and learning are fixed according to their intelligence levels. They do not make the extra effort as they feel effort is useless. On the other hand, people with a growth mindset treat mistakes as a feedback to put them back on track to pursue their goals. They are of the faith that their intelligence and knowledge can grow and they make extra effort to win. It has been seen that students with a fixed mindset usually opt for easier courses as they feel they cannot handle difficult ones. How others perceive them is very important to them. But those with a mindset of growth take on challenges and persist even when the going gets tough. They use their potential to the full to achieve the best. So, conversion of the fixed mindset to a growth mindset is required.

Edison’s story

Thomas Alva Edison made more than 14,000 attempts before he could successfully create the electric bulb. When he had failed for the 10,000th time a reporter asked him how he felt. According to Edison he had not failed at all but found out successfully 10,000 ways that do not create a light bulb. This is a perfect example of how a growth mindset works.

Role of teachers (and parents too!)

Standardized tests are somewhat responsible in creating a fixed mindset among students who gauge their success or failure through their marks in the tests. This hampers motivation to a large extent and puts a break on learning. A lot depends on the teachers and they have to devise ways to make use of standardized tests without harming the mindset of the students. The students should not evaluate their self worth based on these scores. The CCE method of CBSE has taken this in consideration and is in accordance with creating a growth mindset among children.

Our mind is like a car. The driver decides the direction and the goal. We all have to be in the driver’s seat to decide where we are headed. In this case it is the teacher who is in the driving seat. He or she has to help the students manage their minds in a positive manner while edging them quietly towards their goals. Teachers cannot do this alone and need to be supported by parents and the students themselves. When applied correctly with the right mindset there is no saying to what pinnacles of success knowledge and skills can take a person!

Best social impact award


Udgam School has been actively involved in all kinds of charity work and has inspired their students to help the underprivileged in whatever way they can. As a recognition for all the charity work that has been done by Udgam School over the years for the needy and the underprivileged, Yuva Unstoppable, a charity organization that works on the principle that ‘young people are not useless, they are used less’ awarded them with an award in the ‘Best Social Impact’ category in a ceremony held on February 23, 2013. 

Based on the belief that ‘A little goes a long way’ Team Udgam over the years has distributed stationery items, soft toys, sports kits and lunch boxes to underprivileged children. The school has encouraged their students to visit old age homes and orphanages where they distributed fruits, milk powder and cold cream.

They have also added a little bit of warmth to the lives of pavement dwellers by giving them blankets. The students have visited slum areas along with their teachers and distributed clothes. Students of Udgam School have visited municipal schools and taught the children simple craft making techniques.

The Udgam students have also held drives in city malls to increase awareness on voting, girl’s education and other social issues. They have conducted education rallies and ‘nukkad nataks’ with ‘Save the girl child’ as a theme. On a smaller scale the students have taught the illiterate helping staff of the school to write their names and sign.

According to the principal, Ms Radhika Iyer, “We are happy to be recognized by Yuva Unstoppable, the group that has made so much difference where it matters. The award is an incentive to our students to render social service in any form.”


Charity Walk


Udgam School has been shouldering social responsibilities right from its inception. In the latest drive the school participated whole-heartedly in the Charity Walk-2013 organized in Ahmedabad on Sunday, February 17, 2013. There were 374 participants in all from the school which accounted for the highest group of participants from any individual organization to take part in the charity walk. Team Udgam included the Executive Director, Shri Manan Choksi, Joint Director, Smt Bhumi Choksi, the Principal, Ms Radhika Iyer, teachers, staff, parents and students.

The purpose of the walk was to create health awareness and to raise funds for NGOs and Udgam School participants donated generously to the Prabhat Education Foundation, an NGO involved in the upliftment of education. Caps for all participants were sponsored by the school. The Principal, Ms Radhika Iyer, also helped students from other schools to register for the event.

Enthusiasm was high even in the early hours of the morning. Udgam School had their own live music band playing to encourage the supporters. There were four music bands in all in the event, helping to keep the spirits high.

Principal, Ms Radhika Iyer, said “We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic participation, especially by parents. I am happy to observe that even the morning chill could not keep the people from participating in the charity walk.