Monthly Archives: February 2016

Annual Function of Class 1

Annual function is the most awaited programme. This year we have celebrated it on a theme of colours called “Rainbow”. Rainbow was a skit focussing the importance of different colours. Each colour has showcased in a unique way either in form of dance or dance drama. It has also depicted a beautiful message “Unity in Diversity”. The glorious programme ended with the dance of Do re mi…once again showcasing the union of seven notes making the world sound melodious.

Computer Activity Week of Class 3, 4 and 5

There was Computer Activity week organized for students of class 3, 4 and 5. Std. 3 have been doing their creative writing in wordpad as they learnt keyboard in std 3. They have used different Fonts, Font Colour, Highlighter. They had brought their own stories to show their skills. While Std. 4 students learnt MSW Logo so they have been using their skills in the logo by making different types of shapes with the help of logo commands and colour too. Std. 5 learnt powerpoint so children made their own scrapbook in powerpoint by using all the skills in the software and making a nice presentation.

Visit to Amul Parlour

The project of this month is "Milk"
After explaining the project in the class, Senior KG students were taken for a field visit to Amul Parlour nearby.
First, they were told about milk giving animals, then were explained importance of milk in our diet, contents of milk, shown milk products and the procedure of converting milk in different products. 
As audio and visuals together are more effective while learning, this visit is useful for the students to learn and remember about milk project in a better way.


The tiny tots of preschool put up a wonderful show on 4th Feb,2016 and enthralled their proud parents. In a colourful display of befitting costumes, the tiny darlings sang, danced, played and acted on stage. The well-coordinated events held the audience in awe as one by one the items unfolded onstage. The enthusiasm and energy reverberated in the entire Convention Hall with enough foot tapping and applause doing justice to the entire show. Kudos to the organisers, teachers, children and parents for the delightful day which touched the heart and left us asking for more. It takes a lot of effort to put together such a grand show and we are thankful to all who made this day possible. 

Use of Lift and Escalators

Use of Lifts, Escalators and Elevators has now become very common in our lives.

Even children are found using it frequently.

In order to create awareness among children about the cautious and careful use of Lifts and Elevators in Residential and Commercial areas, a fun workshop was held in school for students of class 3,4 & 5.

The conveners made children aware of safety tips while using the machines.

In a very smooth methodology, children were also made aware of dangers of using such things in a wrong manner.

The children learnt and understood the correct way of using Lifts and Elevators

Painting competition Rangrez

In a drawing competition named ’Rangrez’ organized by 94.3 My FM, students of our school from class 6-9 participated.

The theme given was “Personal Hygiene”, children showed their creativity and put their unique ideas on the canvass.

4 students won prizes and were conferred with mementos by honorable Chief Minister of our State – Smt Anandiben Patel on 12.1.2016.

The drawings of all the winners were compiled in a table calendar of year 2016.

Congratulations to all the winners.