Monthly Archives: March 2016


The new batch of grade 2 were welcomed in a very exciting way. Teachers had enthusiastically decorated the classrooms to welcome their new tiny tots. Kids enjoyed with their new teachers. Kids were very fascinated by the colourful classrooms.

Back to School

It's school time again! 
Pre-Primary children were so excited to be back at the school for making new friends, learning new rhymes, listening to new stories and lot more. Teachers had decorated the classrooms to welcome their new Toddlers.

Orientation for Grade One Parents

Orientation is one of the basic programme done every year before the new academic session begins. Parents of Grade one had their orientation on 4th March. Director of our school Ms Pratimaben, Vice Principal Meetika Sharma, Supervisor Aarthi Kellog and Team of grade one teachers introduced themselves to the grade one parents.

Pratimaben gave guidelines to be followed for the whole year and answered all the queries of the parents. The CCE pattern was well explained. The session ended with the handouts of basic guidelines for the parents to be followed. Overall it was quite an interactive and informative session.

Time for Appreciation

The children of Senior KG gave a vote of thanks to all Peons, Ayah’s & security guards. Children made beautiful paper flowers to
thank all of them as they have taken good care of each and every child.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities – Class 1

“All’s well that ends well”.

Games interest almost each and every child and this was very evident among the children of Class 1. They were involved in indoor and outdoor activities as a part of their lesson. The children played a variety of games. The children enjoyed themselves and the spirit of cooperation was a joy to watch. These games imbibe the sportsman spirit at a very early age besides being fun.
Needless to say the year ended with sweet memories to cherish forever.